Exhibition Period: 22 February – 5 March 2017
Opening Hours:  11am – 10pm
Gallery by the Harbour
Unit 207, Level 2, Ocean Centre, Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui 

Although ‘Like Father Like Son’ applies to artists He Baili and He Jilan, their art careers have taken both to different path. Father He Baili is a descendent of the Lingnan School, originating from the traditional Chinese art form and culture. He Jilan is a young artist, educated in Canada, and chooses to express his ideas and meanings through abstract. But with their differences, both artists have chosen ink as the medium for this exhibit, with He Baili integrating the traditional Eastern art form with Western beauty, and son boldly forests through the Chinese meaning, valleying in Chinese representations.

This artistic pair will host their first ever exhibition, featuring more than twenty pieces of outstanding artistry and introducing the world to the new form of ink, sculpting the future with this traditional medium.

He Baili’s “Dawning of Hope” series is inspired by the breathtaking sceneries of China’s Taihang Mountains after he conquered the summit climb when he was close to 70 years in age. “Elegance of Nature” illustrates the power and beauty of Yellow Mountain, while “Glamour of Autumn” brings back memories of Canada and its vibrant fall colours during his Canadian years, intertwining the beauty of Canada with Chinese influences.

He Jilan’s “Ink Silhouette” series introduces us to his depth of influences. From incorporating the style of Song Emperor Huizong’s ancient ‘Slender Gold’ style calligraphy, to the everlasting memories of innocent splashing by the creek or watching the first snow falling into the withered grass with this sister while growing up in Canada, Eric has formed an artistic philosophy of his own. The “Tectonic” series allows Eric to display his skillful maneuver of the ink medium with broad and powerful strokes crossing each other to create dynamic compositions. He Jilan shows us his extraordinary energy, and when combined with a calligraphy background, and a zen-like soul, Eric rises above others with his accuracy, his passion and his patience with his art.

Viewers will have a chance to premier the joint works this father-son partnership with the “Sweeping Mountains, Drifting Boats” series. With landscapes by He Jilan, sailed by He Baili’s boats, crossing generations and techniques can set a new stage for new expressions in the world of ink.Type your paragraph here.

思 無 為 軒